Stacbloc is a comprehensive, purpose built Hyperconvergence product that unifies Compute, Storage, Network and Security functionalities, all in a single appliance.

Stacbloc provides radically simplified IT IN A BOX solution that facilitates customers to consume holistic IT Infrastructure in a flexible, customized way that reduces TCO by upto 50%

Stacbloc HCI is an integrated solution that encompass tightly-coupled hardware and software layers. Stacbloc HCI solution has high performance server grade hardware, robust hypervisor and management suite all in a single stack. Enterprise grade virtualization functions like HA, clone, snapshot, cluster, backup, failover aids in ease of operations.

Customers buy solutions, not multiple products to try stitch and sew. Gone are the legacy days, when customers were buying separate server hardware, virtualization software, management suite and associated huge license costs.

Stacbloc HCI is a holistic convergence solution, that provides networking and security virtualization in addition to Compute and Storage virtualization. Network Function Virtualization is an integral part of Stacbloc HCI. Layer 3 & 2 switching, routing, WAN termination, network edge security with stateful firewall, continuous threat protection completes the Infra convergence.

Customers look for complete solutions, not piece meal elements. Market is transforming into consuming aggregate infrastructure with centralized, remote management. NFV, SDN aids in creating the full picture.