July 2018

IT Automation simplifies Operation


IT Automation Simplifies Operation

Gone are the days when IT infrastructure dealt with enormous server rooms messed-up with multiple appliances and wires; not to mention the operational tasks associated which were humongous. But now, the IT landscape is not the same as it […]

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June 2018

Software Defined Storage – What ‘s the buzz around it ?


Software Defined Storage: What’s the Buzz Around it!

As data becomes the new currency, Storage that holds the data becomes the critical and most valuable component in IT Infrastructure. Legacy Data Centers (DC) loses its grip in handling the restricted silo-ed storage environment. Any […]

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May 2018

Protect business with BCP


Protect Business with BCP

Ransomware attack, Lightning strike puts leading cloud data center offline, Severe floods hits global telecom player services big way – These are few news headlines that creates shock waves across business of all sizes. Any chaos faced in the form of flood, […]

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April 2018

Reinvent Enterprise Storage with SSD


Reinvent Enterprise Storage with SSD

It is awe-inspiring to see how Solid State Drives (SSD) have come a long way and have clearly outperformed the traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) for permanent data storage. It is a silver bullet for data latency problems, especially in high density […]

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March 2018

Top IT Infrastructure Trends for the next decade


Top IT Infrastructure Trends for the next decade

From every end-user to decision-maker, fast, simple, secure and affordable are the top likes in the world of technology. Cloud, Big data and Artificial Intelligence are big tech heroes over the present decade with lots […]

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February 2018

Simplify with Hyperconvergence


Hyperconvergence – A Simplified Solution For Your IT Operations  

Rising technological advancement simplified our modern life. But in contrast, it made the life of IT data centers more complex and chaotic. Traditionally, a data center comprises various physical components such as switches, servers, storage […]

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January 2018

Reduce Data Centre TCO


Hyperconvergence – Simplified Way to Reduce Data Center TCO

“Expensive, Slow, Inflexible, Inefficient” – these are the words you probably hear from any legacy enterprise IT manager. Why? The reason is obvious! The legacy infrastructure is a siloed server, storage and network environment typically comprise of […]

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