In our constant endeavour to expand our business network, we are actively looking for Channel Partners who work in the field of IT Infrastructure viz. Servers, Storage, Networking, Security, System / Network integrators.

At Stackup Tech, we firmly believe in the spirit of partnership that results in mutual success.

Why will a partner be interested in us ?

  • Enter the convergence space
    • Grows your addressable market from silos to holistic IT service
    • Exposure to latest technical developments in NFV, SDN, Hyperconvergence, virtual appliances.
  • Unique solution offering
    • Unique new solution allows CP to extend portfolio to networking, compute and storage offerings to customer
    • Being unique solution, little or no competition
    • Increases winning probability against traditional offerings
  • Account visibility and control
    • Enables to get holistic view of IT requirements as against box based approach
    • Become the first point of consultation
    • Create an elite partner image in the mindset of customer, who could bring in more values per dollar
  • New opportunities
    • Open conversations with new prospects while carrying a new solution
    • Visibility into new buyers - storage / server / backup - who control significant budgets
  • Consulting and service space
    • Enhances foot print into consulting and service opportunities in DRaaS, cloud gateway, consolidation, optimization

 If the above interests you, get in touch with us at