Today's IT division, enterprise, midsize or SMB,  endeavor to improve business efficiency amidst reducing IT spend; combined with demands in innovation and increasing automation, IT is under constant pressure to build more value on the investment.

Newer technologies like Hyperconvergence, SDN, NFV, SDI facilitate IT to achieve their business goals with ease and ensures that technology investment is protected for the future.

Stacbloc helps customers to accelerate ROI on IT infrastructure investment and curtails opex, thereby allowing IT to spend time, money and energy on non-transactional tasks. Stacbloc converges the most commonly needed workload of all IT arms - compute, storage, network and security into a single appliance, sized for midsize, SMB and enterprise remote offices. The unification and simplification of said services makes more sense in an office where IT support is minimal or absent.  

Present day IT infrastructure procurement, deployment and management are done on silos. On an average a customer ends up buying 4 to 6 hardware appliances, even at the branch offices, to conduct IT operations. This starts from a Router for WAN edge, one or two security appliances, more than one server basis their application needs, common storage for backup and archive, WAN optimization appliance etc. The hassles of deploying and managing them from multiple vendors and supporting them with minimalistic IT support ends up in taking more time and doing more non value adding transactional works from business perspective.

Stacbloc has been built from ground up to eliminate the said problems by virtualizing the workloads and converging them in a single appliance.  Following are the functionality details.

Stacbloc has resources to run compute workloads from Microsoft Windows family, standard Linux family and any virtual appliance. E.g. compute engine could comfortably run a Windows 2012 Server (which in-turn shall host file, print, DHCP, DNS, AD DS, group policy enforcement, IIS, customized application service), virtual UTM appliance, a virtual WAN optimization appliance, a virtual cloud gateway appliance etc. Customer shall provide necessary licenses for the compute engine workloads.

Stacbloc has embedded open source network attached storage system that supports multiple protocols like FTP, NFS, SMB, CIFS, with custom user rights control. NAS could be used for data backup, archive, logging purposes.

Stacbloc has got in-built routing engine that handles LAN-WAN routing with support to all standard protocols and procedures. Routing throughput varies from 400 Mbps to 1 Gbps across models. Once Stacbloc is deployed, need for upgrade with respect to routing throughput capacity hardly exists.

Stacbloc has integrated network security engine that does firewall filtering, VPN, content filtering, blacklisting IPs, blocking anti-spam IPs, IPS features like DDoS prevention, brute force attack prevention, SYN flood attack prevention and many more.

Key Benefits


  • Pre validated converged infrastructure, predictable performance
  • Built on software centric architecture that provides tighter coupling
  • Reduces provisioning time to minutes
  • Facilitates Business Continuity - HA, DR
  • Agile - Spin up or down workloads across appliances, locations in a seamless way
  • No compatibility issues and avoids vendor blame game
  • Multiple services in a homogeneous platform, simplifies management


  • Lower upfront hardware costs - Usage of single x86 commodity hardware as against multiple proprietary high cost hardware components
  • Lower AMC and support costs
  • Lower management IT staff costs
  • Reduce IT real estate space
  • Extended life of hardware, literally no EoL
  • Avoids over sizing of resources to fit in standard offering


  • Reduce hardware sprawl - Convergence solution
  • Reduce downtime
  • Changes are quicker with lesser or no disruptions to existing systems
  • Improve hardware utilization ratio
  • Green initiative - energy efficient computing
  • Better use of IT resources - Less time on transactional IT works, more time for enabling new business