Hyperconvergence – Simplified Way to Reduce Data Center TCO

“Expensive, Slow, Inflexible, Inefficient” – these are the words you probably hear from any legacy enterprise IT manager. Why? The reason is obvious! The legacy infrastructure is a siloed server, storage and network environment typically comprise of multiple hardware and software products from various vendors. This siloed effect creates the need for more staff to maintain the complex solution. Along with this, installation cost, maintenance cost and other charges end up in increasing the TCO.

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

In IT Infrastructure context, it is the total cost of owning, maintaining IT assets over its lifecycle or simply to say, it’s a “cradle to grave” cost compute.

TCO in Legacy Data Center

The simple ill fate or concept of a legacy data center is “doing less with more”. Each product in the legacy stack uses its own hardware resources like CPU, RAM, storage, etc., which aren’t shared and creates an island of overprovisioned resources. For these idle unconsumed resources, company painfully spends more money for procuring, space, power and cooling, thus resulting in higher TCO.

How Hyperconvergence Reduces Data Center TCO?

Resource sharing and right sizing – Hyperconvergence shares the underlying hardware resources to multiple services, making it optimal in resource planning and consumption. Right sizing of virtual resources with room for modular scalability allows most appropriate capital spend.
Space Saving – Hyperconvergence integrates server, storage, networking and virtualization via software, and runs on standard x64 based servers. This allows multiple rack appliance spaces to minimal rack space consumption which in turn reduces data center footprint.
Energy Saving – The reduction of a bunch of semiconductor appliances to as lower as a single node reduces power, power backup and cooling costs.
Time Saving – Hyperconvergence being an integrated pre-built, pre-tested, pre-validated solution, the amount of operations and maintenance time spent gets decimated, allowing valuable IT time to be spent on business needs.

Bottom Line

The motto of every good business is to maximize bottom line and Hyperconvergence is an ideal way to achieve the same on IT Infrastructure. To put in one line, “Hyperconvergence is all about doing more with less”.