Research and Development plays a critical role in our innovation process.

Our investments in technology and future capabilities are transformed into new features, functionalities and thus products. Our efforts in development are focused towards Software Defined IT Infrastructure areas like Cloud optimization, Containers, AI driven IT automation, Kernel optimization.

OpenStack Cloud

HA design | Service uptime 99.99%

HA | Pacemaker, HA Proxy load balancer

Cinder | cache, cow on CEPH

HA | DB cluster on Galera

Machine Learning / AI

Statistical model | algorithmic model

VM resource augmentation

Capacity planning

Predictive analytics

PCI Passthrough VM

IOMMU interrupt remap

Open VM Firmware build

Resource Isolation

Video Drivers for GPU

Analytics | Monitoring

Dashboard visualization | Grafana

HCI, Cloud integration

Time series database 

Prometheus, Influx