Stacbloc is offered in three models Basic, 101 and 201.

Hardware Specifications



Stacbloc Basic

Stacbloc 101

Stacbloc 201

Processing power

3.5 GHz x 6 threads

3.5 GHz x 8 threads

2.4 GHz x 24 threads

Memory capacity

8 GB Non ECC, Upg 32 GB

16 GB ECC, Upg 32 GB

32 GB ECC, Upg 64 GB


SSD - 120 GB, Upg 480 GB

HDD - 1 TB, Upg 20 TB

SSD - 240 GB, Upg 480 GB

HDD - 2 TB, Upg 20 TB

SSD - 240 GB, Upg 480 GB

HDD - 4 TB, Upg 36 TB

Network interfaces

3 Gig E - 1000BaseTx

4 Gig E - 1000BaseTx

2 Gig E - 1000BaseTx

Form factor


Rack (2U)

Rack (2U)

Suggested workloads

1 storage

1 compute

1 secured networking

1 storage

2-3 compute

1 secured networking

1 storage

3-7 compute

1 secured networking

Networking throughput

400 Mbps, Upg 1 Gbps

400 Mbps, Upg 1 Gbps

400 Mbps, Upg 1 Gbps

Networking functionalities in Stacbloc

Stacbloc imbibes Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and has integrated switching, routing, QoS and many networking functionalities implemented with vSphere and RouterOS. Few key functionalities are listed below.

  • Switching
    • Facilitate traffic flow among the Stacbloc workloads like routing engine, security engine, compute (servers, UTMs, WAN optimizers, cloud gateways etc), storage.
    • Establish traffic flow to/ from outside world through physical switches
    • Physical switch Failover
    • Bandwidth aggregation
    • Load balancing
    • Segmentation of traffic through VLANs, port groups
    • OpenFlow - open standard SDN switching
    • STP, RSTP, Bridging, MAC NAT
  • Routing
    • Static routing, floating static routing
    • Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF)
    • Policy Based Routing (PBR)
    • Equal Cost Multi Path (ECMP)
    • Full fledged standard based dynamic routing protocols
      • IPv4 - RIPv2, OSPF v2, BGP v4
      • IPv6 - RIPng, OSPFv3, BGP v4
    • Bidirectional Forward Detection (BFD)
    • Multicast routing - IGMP, PIM
    • VRRP
  • QoS
    • Hierarchical Token Bucket (HTB) QoS with CIR, MIR, burst, priority
    • Traffic shaping
    • Queue trees
    • Traffic engineering
  • MPLS
    • Label Distribution protocol
    • RSVP TE tunnels
    • MP-BGP based MPLS IP VPN
    • Static Label bindings
  • Other network functions
    • Hierarchical HTTP Proxy
    • DHCP Server
    • SNMP support
    • Packet sniffing
Security features of Stacbloc

Stacbloc features an integrated security engine

  • Stateful Firewall
    • Allows or denies set of IP addresses, subnets from/to zones like LAN, WAN, DMZ
  • Anti spam
    • Blocks access to IMAP, POP, SMTP ports from/to predefined set of known spam IPs, spam agents, blacklisted IPs
  • File type filter
    • Blocks web access to customizable file types like .exe, .mp3 for downloads
  • URL Content filter
    • Blocks web access to URLs containing offensive / adult content
  • URL extension filter
    • Blocks web access to URLs containing certain offensive extensions or TLDs (Top level domains)
  • URL filter
    • Blocks web access to custom built URLs that are harmful /adult content.
  • Anti Viral ports
    • Blocks network traffic to/from known ports that are used by virus, malware, botnet.
  • Anti FTP bruteforce
    • Prevents brute force attacks on FTP servers hosted by customer
  • Anti Port Scanning
    • Prevents Port scanning attacks on public IP addresses owned by customer
  • Anti ICMP flooding
    • Prevents service denial arising out of Ping of Death, ICMP flood attacks
  • Anti SYN flooding
    • Prevents TCP connection oriented attacks like SYN flooding
  • Anti Denial of Service
    • Prevents DoS attacks by limiting connections to the host devices
  • Connection limiting
    • Limits number of established connections to the network element to avoid resource death
  • Safeguard network elements
    • Shields the router from unauthorized access from Internet, limits the source points of access, blocks communication to undesired ports on router
  • NAT
    • Conceals the actual IP address of the public facing host
  • VPN
    • Supports IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, PPPoE, OpenVPN, GRE, IPIP, MPLS based VPN
What is Stacbloc ?

Stacbloc is a Hyperconverged IT infrastructure product, that unifies compute, networking, security and storage in a single appliance. Stacbloc is built on principles of Hyper-convergence and network function virtualization (NFV). Stacbloc facilitates SMB, Midsize and Enterprise remote offices to consume IT infrastructure in a flexible, customized way.

What is Hyperconvergence, NFV ? What is Stackup Tech's role play in this ?

Hyperconvergence is an approach to coalesce multiple IT Infrastructure functionalities into a appliance form factor. NFV is an approach to run network services in a virtualized platform. While there are many giant IT companies providing awesome products and solutions on Hyperconvergence or NFV space, mostly focusing on high end Enterprise Data Centre infrastructure, we at Stackup Tech are focusing towards other end of the spectrum to provide tailor made solutions that are more relevant and reaps best benefits to customer.

How is installation and commissioning of Stacbloc handled ?

Staff of Engineering team at Stackup Tech or from the partner would install and commission Stacbloc. The necessary infrastructure configurations in terms of network, security, storage and compute would be done on-site. All that are part of infrastructure readiness will be tested, validated on-site and will be handed over to customer and support NOC.

What family of compute services shall be run on Stacbloc ?

Hardware upgrade if any needed shall be done by Stackup Tech authorized engineer, basis request from customer. You shall raise request to the support NOC in this regard. Software upgrade for the virtualization engine, monitoring software would be done by Stackup Tech support team, as needed. Software upgrade for any compute workload shall be done by customer.

What network services shall be run on Stacbloc ?

Stacbloc has integrated network services engine which does routing and switching. Almost all open standard protocols that are used in enterprise class network infrastructure are supported.

Can Stacbloc be deployed as core or edge router ? If so, what are the routing protocols that are supported ?

Stacbloc has amalgamated the network functions; Stacbloc indeed has routing engine - RouterOS from Mikrotik and has switching engine - vSwitch from VMware that forms the network workhorse. The routing engine runs all standard network routing protocols like BGP, OSPF, RIP, PBR, VRRP etc. Pl refer to datasheets for more information on routing protocol support. Stacbloc can be deployed as core or edge router as the need may be.

How much is the routing throughput capacity ?

Routing engine has been tested with sustained network throughput of ~1 Gbps. The switching engine has been tested with sustained virtual switch throughput of ~3 Gbps and physical switch throughput of ~1 Gbps.

What are the network security features that Stacbloc provides ?

Stacbloc has blended network security features like firewall, VPN, content filtering, anti spam, blacklisting IPs, URL filtering, IPS etc. Pl refer to datasheets for more information.

What storage services are available in Stacbloc ?

Stacbloc has embedded Network Attached Storage services built-in on an open source NAS4Free. Storage supports multiple protocols like FTP, NFS, SMB, CIFS. Right balance of SSD for VM resource and HDD for storage resource creates an optimal file storage solution, which will serve data storage, backup, archive purposes.

Is Stacbloc compatible with commonly used workloads ?

Stacbloc is built on standard x86 hardware architecture, thus it is compatible to run Windows workloads, Linux workloads, Microsoft applications, Databases, ERP, CRM, Industry specific tools, Java applications, Graphics applications, virtual security appliances etc. We have tested many of the above said workloads in-house and at few customer places as well to find that it is consistently compatible.

Is there any technology lock-in ?

No. Stacbloc is built on COTS and open source software and hardware, that are openly available in market. Customer is not chained to any technology lock-in.

Can I test Stacbloc before I buy ?

Yes, customer shall test functionality, compatibility of Stacbloc before purchase. Stackup Tech Engineering team will be happy to do a PoC for right sizing, customizing Stacbloc.

How can I monitor Stacbloc ?

Stacbloc has inbuilt monitoring services for key parameters of Stacbloc. CPU, memory, disk space utilization levels, both for live and past data shall be viewed. Also it facilitates operational requirements of shutting down / up / suspend virtual machines and host.

Does the license expire?

Stacbloc comes with a perpetual license, thus does not require any license renewal.

What is the commercial benefit to a customer while deploying Stacbloc ?

Stacbloc eliminates the need of buying and managing separate silo IT infrastructure like a proprietary router, separate firewall, isolated storage, multiple servers. By consolidating multiple IT services on a robust, customized, pre validated, pre tested x86 commodity platform, customer saves more than 40% - 50% of CAPEX. Moreover there are soft cost savings in reduction of IT manpower for management, power, cooling in OPEX.

How many workloads or virtual machines can run on Stacbloc ?

All Stacbloc models run compute, storage, networking and security workloads natively. The compute portion supports business applications as needed by the customer, it could vary in wide spectrum, like Windows server, Data de-duplication virtual appliance, Web application firewall etc. Also their resource consumption varies widely. As a generic guideline Stacbloc Basic can run 1 compute workload, Stacbloc 101 can handle 2-3 workloads. Stacbloc 201 can run 8 - 12 workloads. Stackup Tech engineering team will work with the customer in the presale phase to guide on the same. Also Stacbloc hardware resources can be right sized or custom built to accommodate the needs of customer.

What are the installation requirements from customer end ?

Generic infrastructure readiness in terms of space, power, cooling, cabling are expected to be provided from customer end. Beyond which, the scope rests with Stackup Tech authorized field engineer.

Can I upgrade any hardware or software of Stacbloc ?

Hardware upgrade if any needed shall be done by Stackup Tech authorized engineer, basis request from customer. You shall raise request to the support NOC in this regard. Software upgrade for the virtualization engine, monitoring software would be done by Stackup Tech support team, as needed. Software upgrade for any compute workload shall be done by customer.

How is support of Stacbloc handled ?

Customer support is handled via voice, mail, web from the support center. Field engineers would visit the customer site for fixing any issues that couldn't be solved remotely.

Managed services option is provided to customer, wherein Stackup Tech engineering team will take care of one time installation, on-going configuration changes, periodic health check, operation & management, standby appliance and support services.

What is the warranty policy for Stacbloc ?

Stacbloc comes with Three year warranty. First year support services is bundled with the appliance purchase. Customer shall subscribe for Annual Maintenance Contract from Year 2 onwards. AMC enables ongoing facilitation of support services and critical software upgrades and patch updates. 

What is the line of demarc for implementation and support services ?

Stackup Tech engineering team will implement and support IT infrastructure portion with respect to Stacbloc, however the virtual machines in compute engine shall be under the purview of customer.

Do I need any specialized technical training to manage and support Stacbloc ?

From a technical standpoint, people with broad knowledge on IT infrastructure could easily operate and manage Stacbloc with minimal training from us. Stacbloc is a pre integrated, pre tested appliance that generally does not require any ongoing maintenance once it is configured to run.
Moreover, the technical support centre and managed services offering from Stackup greatly simplifies the operational hassles.

What is managed service offering ?

When a customer subscribes to managed services, the entire operation and maintenance of Stacbloc is handled by Stackup Tech. Configuration management, change management, periodic performance review and regular support services would be provided, so that customer shall focus on IT innovations rather than IT operation support.

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