Evolve to Software Defined ‘Everything’

SDI models are realized as Stackup Hyperconvergence and Cloud products, that helps customers to deploy simple and smarter solutions. 

Stackup’s Software Defined Infrastructure has full stack virtualized Compute, Storage, Networking & Security. SDI enables consumption of Infrastructure as services. With automation and visibility rightly integrated, customers enjoy a seamless highly available agile infrastructure.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Stacbloc HCI platform is a holistic solution that encompass tightly-coupled high performance server hardware and robust intelligent software layers.

Cloud Infrastructure

Stacbloc cloud platform enables customers to deploy new generation applications, scale up & out on an elastic OpenStack private cloud custom built to meet ever evolving business needs.

Infrastructure as code

At Stackup, we enable customers to run production grade infrastructure as code, that gets quickly deployed and flexibly operated as automated agile programs.