Widely popular, largest community developed RDBMS PostgreSQL handles large scale database workloads. Wide range of assisted enhancements to the core PostgreSQL brings the best performance and reliability on the deployments.

Enterprise Grade


Data reliability with replication to multiple servers


Group of servers in cluster yields higher uptime

Enhanced GIS

OGC Compliant Geospatial supported database


Authentication, Roles, SSL, Limits, User control

ACID compliant

Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability

Load balanced

Connections shared to multiple database servers

Web GUI Management 

Manage PostgreSQL database clusters, multiple instances with Web based management GUI. Unified controls, security rights, user management, table space management, file directory paths, life cycle management of databases are part of management console.

Automated Management

Stacbloc Enterprise PostgreSQL Autogear provides automated way of installing, configuring, service provisioning, replication enabling, cluster deployment, failover, high availabilty, backup & restore – full & incremental, point in time restore, load balancing, connection pooling. Provides highest uptime to database services with augmented performance enhancement.