Comprehensive Versatile Cloud

Robust, reliable and fully managed cloud solution built on pre validated, pre integrated components to provide feature rich operating experience

Render a complete suite with Hardware, Cloud Operating System, management suites in a brimful pack

Build a unified cloud infrastructure platform that adapts to run virtualized, containerized and bare metal workloads.

Plant a infrastructure seed that grows with futuristic technologies like SDN NFV SDS serverless microservices

Remove complexity and failure from equation

Let’s face it, deploying a cloud infrastructure is complex. OpenStack is viewed as inherently complex owing to sheer aggregation of multiple services, inter service dependencies, multiple configurations, tweaking, deep learning curve etc. If it fails, don’t blame on the technology.
It requires sound investment with sharp product focus, service acumen and lots of skilled man hours to get it right, the Stacbloc cloud way. OpenStack provides an awesome infrastructure platform that allows customer to run production grade business applications with lower TCO on a larger scale.
Cloud infrastructure requires an operating system and a catalogue of applications that completes the suite. Interestingly, OpenStack has many such services that shall be co deployed. Apart from core services viz Nova, Neutron, Keystone, Glance, Cinder, Horizon additional services Heat, Ceilometer, Ironic to be deployed.
In addition, external applications viz Ceph for Software Defined Storage, ELK for log & audit, Grafana for monitoring & reporting, Ansible for automation, Galera for DB replication, Pacemaker & HA proxy for High Availability are deployed as part of Stacbloc cloud. These tools act as lifeline augment for a successful cloud operation.

Deploy a full suite of cloud Infrastructure

Engagement Models

Stackup’s cloud practice consulting engagement offers custom design and quick installation of cloud environment on customer ‘s hardware infrastructure. Existing infrastructure assessment, application readiness check, capacity planning enables a tailor made fit. Faster deployment of cloud with integration of storage, networking, security enables a smooth operation.

Turn key cloud deployment model takes a broader scope with hardware components, automation, migration. Resource sizing to meet scalable needs, custom hardware deployment with operating system fine tuning, guest VM templatization services enables customers to experience a smooth transition. Automation services of OS management and integration with centralized accounting provides enterprise grade operation.

Managed Services