Holistic smart HCI

An Enterprise grade unified Hyperconvergence infrastructure solution to run business critical applications in a flexible modular way, that scales with your growth in a scale up and scale out fashion.

Effortless operations to manage entire stack in a single web GUI

Roll out IT infrastructure in hours with templates, clones & snapshots

Scale up & out reliably with cluster wide automated High Availability

Reduce TCO by avoiding hardware sprawl and perpetual HCI license model

Hi performance dense computing accommodate multiple workloads with QoS

Complete Hyperconvergence Package

Stacbloc HCI is a pre integrated outright suite with built in Hypervisor, single glass pane cluster wide management, software defined storage cluster, network function virtualization, high availability, virtual networking, automated failover, data replication, scheduled VM backup, snapshot & restoration, monitoring, all in a single lot.

External automated workload management with API integrations, migration of external workloads from physical / virtual platforms, external monitoring from NMS EMS,  automated alerts to help desk & ticketing software.

Run VMs in near native speed

SSD + SFP + KVM + VirtIO

Blazing High Performance

Broad array of data storage

Clustered multi node

Real time live replication

Cluster wide network security

NS EW network control

Multi layer traffic regulation

Industry Standard

Industry standard

Enterprise grade workloads

64 bit (x64), 32 bit (x86) arch

Heterogeneous cluster

Heterogeneous cluster

Different generations of appliance

Protect initial investment

HCI Automation & Orchestration

Stacbloc HCI supports a consistent, error free, reliable way of managing Virtual Machine workloads through automation & orchestration. Customers could adopt industry standard automation tools to perform all life cycle management in Stacbloc HCI cluster. Right from creation, management, retiring of HCI nodes and VM workloads is facilitated through automation tools. It ensures governance models, best practices, uniformity, scalability without manual interventions on the HCI platform.

Stacbloc ITAM Autozen has pre built task modules to perform automation. Similar industry standard software tools could be consumed to derive the benefits of running infrastructure as code at scale.

HCI automation